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Monuments and fine arts

The Visual Arts section of the Olympos Database contains documents on the Classical Reception in the Czech Lands, Moravia and Silesia from the beginning up to now in sculpture, painting, drawing and other forms of visual art. Classical reception is conceived of as a continual polyvalent confrontation with and appropriation of the Graeco-Roman visual culture, encountered via the main cultural centres enabling its dissemination. Since the Czech Lands has been, for the most part of its history, part of larger political and cultural units, the Database reflects selectively also Classical reception in the surrounding countries.

Funding for the Database was provided by the Institute of Philosophy and the Science Foundation of the Czech Academy of Sciences (grant project no. 96202, A9062601, IAA8062101, IA A800090902). The Database is part of the research infrastructure LINDAT/CLARIAH.

Expert supervision: Prof. Jan Bažant.