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Theatrical productions

The Theatre Productions section of the Olympos Database was initiated by Eva Stehlíková (1941‒2019), Czech Classical philologist and Theatre Scholar, in 1998–2000. Funding for the Database has been provided by the Czech Science Foundation (grant project no. 408/98/0704), Ministry of Culture (grant project no. DA 98Po1UKK002), and the Strategy AV 21 programme of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The Database is part of the research infrastructure LINDAT/CLARIAH.

The database of Theatre Productions contains continually collected information on performance of Ancient Greek and Roman Drama in the Czech Lands.

Up to the moment, it contains over 600 entries referring to productions of ancient drama and its adaptations, both in Czech and foreign languages, of professional and amateur theatre, drama and puppet theater, broadcasted on television and radio, that have been produced in the Czech Lands from the beginning up to now.

Each entry contains fundamental information:

  • on the place and date of the production (premiere date, name of the theater ensemble, venue, etc.),
  • production team (translator, director, stage and costume designer, choreographer, etc.),
  • acting cast,
  • bibliographic information on newspaper reviews and other textual materials (with full text, when possible),
  • photographs and other additional materials (signs, posters, etc.).

The data in the Databse has been collected with the generous consent of many institutions, especially the Theater Institute and the archives of individual Czech theaters, as well as of individuals who have provided access to their private collections.

The database of Theatre Productions cooperates with similar projects abroad, in particular with the European Network of Research and Documentation of Ancient Greek Drama in Athens, and The Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama, University of Oxford.

Expert supervision: Mgr. Alena Sarkissian, Ph.D. and Mgr. Daniela Čadková, Ph.D..

For publications referenced by the Database, see Publications.